• CNC - Machining centers Routing Nesting Drilling

    CNC - Machining centers Routing Nesting Drilling is the gantry machining center with robust, well-balanced structure, designed for Nesting applications of wood and wood based materials, but also plastic based and non ferrous materials machining to handle demanding machining requirements without compromising product quality by quick and reliable delivery times.

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    Twin table CNC cutting machine with boring unit is one customized machine center specialised in panel furniture and cabinet. Mainly used for panel furniture, office furniture, wood door, cabinet, closet, wardrobe, bedside cabinet, etc. Adopted and designed with two spindles and one boring unit, can cut, slot, automatically drill vertical holes and so on, to get rid of the dependence of manual wok for traditional cutting machines.

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  • CNC router TR408AD

    TigerTec TR408AD is designed for 2017 with flexibility in mind and you can use this model for any CNC project and any industry. We use more stronger parts for the whole machine to ensure you can get higher accuracy and speed, but with an affordable price. We also offer some options for this machine, diffferent power of spindle, motors and special size as request.

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  • CNC router TR408 ATC Robot

    TigerTec TR408 ATC Robot is a totally new designed product which is mainly used for wood processing. Heavy welded table and gantry are applied in this typr for better stability and accuracy. The machine is driven by servo driving system for high travelling speed. A 9kw HSD aircooling spindle is used for this machine. There are 6/8/12 pieces tool holders for changing the tools easily.

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  • CNC Router TR408H-ATC with dust protection

    CNC router TR408H ATC with dust protection is mainly for wood working industry use. We offer a heavy welded table and gantry structure with annealing treatment that can ensure the stability of the machinery parts. Also we use dustcloth on the X、Y、Z axis to avoid the dust falling to protect the rails . So we can get good accuracy of the machine.

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  • CNC Router TR408H-ATC

    CNC Router TR408 H ATC TigerTec CNC router TR408 H ATC is designed to accommodate a wide range of materials and applications. It is a more strong type. With heavy frame, steel tank and special place to fix material. We use Italian HSD air cooling ATC spindle,Yaskawa servo system,Taiwan Syntec windows control system. Options: ·6 pieces tool holder ·T-slot and vacuum table ·Lubricating system ·Higher Z clearance:200-400mm ·Larger size table 7*21ft ·Sider cutter and boring unit

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